Writing from Longcroft School, Beverley, East Riding

Longcroft School Visit – 5/7/11

By Eleanor Carrick 7G

My story: The Shadows at Dusk


He noticed it just a moment earlier. Something was wrong. Raymond knew it would get better soon. The cut oozed with thick, scarlet red blood that melted in the early evening. It shone as if the yellow ball of fire was in control of it…


The teenager stumbled on a heavy rock that stood before him. With a skid and glide, the cut grew enormously wider. He landed in a bus shelter, his reflection staring at him in the face! His knuckles twisted, his fingers swelled.  The boy’s bones re-arranged on his face to stick out unusually! Raymond’s lips curled ,shaded black, his eyes melted into blackberries that stared at you with an un-easy feeling. He felt himself bending forward, slouching like a grumpy old man.


It came to back to him; the night of the attack. The full moon shone the silhouette standing lonely ready to take action. The night his life was on the line… The pieces fitted together as a jigsaw.


Time had passed and the moon grew un-easily. A howl escaped his lungs through his lips and travelled for miles and miles…


Raymond’s stomach twisted. His throat burned and weakened. He wanted something, not sure what. The hunger the thirst was raw. It bit him like a mosquito. Then a young woman strolled down the street. Her hair swayed like a wave. The hunger tightened. She strolled though the mist. Raymond sprinted over, held her down on the dusty floor. The boy was hungry, thristy about to kill. He saw something, a reflection in her sorrow blue eyes. He galloped away into the night. Set her free…


Longcroft School Visit 5/7/11

Horror Workshop with Alan Gibbons

Death within The Beast by Charlie Moore 7O




Pulling back my sleeve to reveal a massive scar just above my elbow as the cut oozed with red rose blood,   “What happened? “ I said quietly to myself as I examined the cut to check who or what had caused me to have this cut. While looking there was a single silver bristle of hair that seemed to dance in the wind.

Suddenly a small crop of hair washed over my cut which covered over part of the cut. My heart started to beat faster now, like a race dog chasing the rabbit round the track. I stared in horror. I quickly brushed the silver hairs as they glistened in the early sunlight “oww” I yelled in a sharp pain. It felt like a nail was being hammered through my finger.  I looked at my finger and there was a drip of sweet, red blood.


I picked myself up hastily from the floor feeling unbalanced and dizzy staggering for my next step dropping to the ground countless times I felt like everything was spinning but me I finally made it to the doctors my battery in my phone was dead couldn’t call mum couldn’t any one.


Taking me back to last night, all that I could remember was I was on my way back home after football practise it was getting late so I took the shot way home it was a late full moon making the darkness hard to see ahead of me checking my watch to see the time 6:45 with a sudden sharp stabbing pain that shocked through my body making me fall to the floor.


After a few weeks things where eventually turning back to normal everybody was asking about what I told them all I new a said that something attack me but nobody believed me every time  I visited the doctors to get stitches they fell out from my cut. My nails where growing allot longer than usual my teeth became sharper and the cut on my arm became longer.






In the night I felt restless I couldn’t sleep my parents gave me something help me sleep but I couldn’t sleep as much as I wanted too. I approached the window in need of some air as the bright light beamed down on me, a sudden burst of energy emerged from me like a surge of rage took over my body I collapsed to the floor, a bloodthirsty howl in the dark.


A dark silhouette appeared from the dark and gloomy night a type of masculine figure approached from around the corner “snap” the man stopped and looked around and he continued walking but more in a faster pace “snap” there it was again the man was alerted that something was wrong. He dived quickly to floor as I pounced on him with a burst of energy my long claws dug into his arms he was defenceless and pin downed. He tried to brake out but it was no good my head tilted high about my teeth hard into his throat my body was took over but my mind was still fighting for survival “noooooo” I screamed and leapt of the man and quickly sprinted to the woods. I woke up in my bedroom eyes wide open I hoped that was just a dream.

Longcroft school Visit

James Bates 7L


In the theatre he was really funny and entertaining. I didn’t think he would be like he was. I’ve always pictured writers as dull, boring people that sit at desks all day trying to think of ideas for their next book.

In the workshop I thought the fact he was just feeding us ideas to put into our own word was really good and helpful. He told us not to mention what the monster was. I think this helped me to improve my writing and was better than what it was better than I would have done if we were just told to write a story.

I thought making the board game was really good because I had a good group and we got on with the work and were the first ones to finish. Our game was called Hercules hunt and had 4 levels which were Medusas lair, the minotaur labyrinth, hydra forest and the path to the underworld. We made cards and 4 counters to travel around the game board.

I loved making the rap it was good because I like writing my own songs and things. I play a few instruments. At the end of the day it was good hearing everything that other groups had done. It was a really fun day.



My arm was itching and I peeled back my sleeve to reveal a scarlet scar oozing with blood. A single silver hair wriggled out of my flesh. Soon hairs whipped and twirled across my arm like vines. My mouth dropped open. I tried to close it but I couldn’t.


I looked down to the floor and realised my reflection in the puddle. I felt my cheekbones melt inside my head and mould to a new shape. I rubbed my eyes and glanced at the puddle. I had grown a snout. I fought with all my might to keep my human qualities, but it was too late. My eyes turned racing red and my pupils faded away. I stared at my hands only to reveal my knuckles were knotted and twisted and claws seeped out of my finger tips. Silver hairs wrapped around my face and hands. I couldn’t stop them.


My mind flashed back to that dreadful night. The blood, the gore, the scar that never healed. Suddenly my mind switched on and I was back in reality. A shining white shape in the sky lit up the land in front of me. My throat vibrated and I let out an echoing howl. An urge to eat suddenly filled my body and saliva dripped down my chin. I was hungry for blood. And there he was.


I ran across the green lush open landscape to get to my terrified victim. I jumped at him and pinned him down to the floor. My saliva soaked fangs neared him as he struggled for his life to escape, but I was too strong. All of a sudden my mind had as war with my body and I sprinted away from the victim and into the darkness of the night. I had resisted the urge to suck his warm soothing blood.


By Luke Clayton

Longcroft school visit- 5.7.2011

The midnight beast

Hannah Falkinder

The cut had grown; it now covered my shoulder and was dripping with deep, red blood. Slowly a single grey hair began to squirm out of the flesh surrounding my scar. Soon I had a dozen of the twisting from my arm. I looked in horror. My arm began to look like a tarantulas leg, suffocated in long, wiry hairs.

I stumbled from side to side with pain. I leaned against a car which had been abandoned down an alley. In the car window I saw my reflection. My eyes as black as the nights sky. Silver hairs where beginning to dance from my face which was beginning to change, moulding into a new shape. It looked like someone had grabbed my nose and mouth and pulled it out of my face, so that I had a face the shape of a dog. I had ears like a cat, pricking up towards the moonlight sky. A menacing grin came upon my face. Claws grew from my giant hands.

My now dark and evil mind flashed back to the last full moon, almost a month ago. That night of mystery. That night when the cut appeared. That night when a dark silhouette attacked.

The sky was lit by the moon brighter, bigger than ever. I stared into it never before had it looked so beautiful. This giant pearl in the sky seemed to make me smile but at the same time evil thoughts penetrated my mind. Then I gave out a howl of delight into the never ending sea of stars.

My face screwed up in pain. The hunger made my stomach roar with the starvation. I needed to fulfil my hunger, but how? More and more evil voices whispered in my ears ‘feed me, feed me, feed me!’ My eyes where filled with excitement as I searched the ground around me. There she appeared. Unknown of my presents. She seemed to glide through the cold air. The hunger began to scream, and before I knew it I was pounding through the long grass. My heart beating faster than ever. A look of fear struck her pale face as I grabbed her to the floor. My mouth drooling with hunger. I knew I was to eat. Then I saw my horrific face in her salty tear drop. This isn’t me. What am I? Many questions ran through my confused mind. Then it poured from her mouth. ‘Werewolf’. She mumbled it several times. I froze in shock. The terrified woman scrambled to her feet and ran into the moonlight and fled.

Longcroft school visit 5/7/11

Georgina Taylor


The eyes of the night…

Pus seeped through my top, I pulled back my sleeve, the stitches had come loose – again. Suddenly a dark hair appeared, like it was alive, rising from deep under my skin. I blinked, in one second my wrist had been engulfed by a tsunami of hair. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a mass of dark hair, I could feel it covering my whole body, tearing my clothes, what was happening?


Maybe I was imagining things, I might need a drink. I ran to the river bank and plunged my whole head in. I wiped my eyes, it wasn’t my imagination. My skin was covered in hair, my whole face had changed shape. Then it happened, I caught sight of my reflection. I felt my stomach turn. I fell to the floor, it was if my brain was fighting against me, like it didn’t want me to be happy. I was seeing images that would haunt me forever. Even though I knew I couldn’t hide from what I had become.


I felt a sharp pain in my arm, across the river bank I saw a silhouette, like the one from the attack. I could only see its outline and its glowing eyes, they were yellow and bloodshot, they looked straight into my eyes, I shuddered. For the next few days his face followed me everywhere, I couldn’t do anything without his waxy yellow eyes looking at me. Then on the 27th October, exactly a month after the attack, the flashbacks became more vivid, I closed my eyes, hoping to escape this nightmare, but when I opened them, I was stuck in the middle of a forest, with the figure standing over me. This time I could see his face, it looked like my reflection, I tried to scream, instead – I howled.


The hunger bit my stomach like a shark and the thirst clogged up my throat. I needed something, something that would kill the pain in my stomach that would quench my thirst. I saw an innocent woman, I longed to sink my teeth deep into her neck. She was oblivious to my presence, I had to do it, I ran towards her, I saw the look of terror in her eyes ‘w-w-werewolf’ she screamed as I pounced on her.


The guilt haunted me as I walked away, now I think about it, I would rather be killed by the pain then her be dead, I felt awful. I looked up, a full moon, I remembered what she called me, a werewolf, I had become more than that, I had become a murderer.

Eleanor and Chelsea’s rap:

Rap of the Alan:

Alan dint like to stick

It was a hard pick

He worked in a toilet factory

Flushed with successes

He went to university

His hair was a mess

Man liked been a hippy

So he went to the chippy

He got rejected

Boy was so sad also a bit mad

It was very bad

He had lots of stres

But his life was a mess

It was so simple

Although he had lots of pimples

Alan met his wife

Had a great life


Longcroft School Visit, 05/07/11, Evaluation

By Abigail Morfitt. 7G.

My expectations of the Flexible Learning Day were for it to be quite boring and tedious. I thought we would be sat down all day writing tiresome stories. I was looking forward to the day but even though my expectations weren’t that great, I was still excited.


When I first saw Alan Gibbons at the beginning of the day I knew the day was going to be excellent. Alan spoke to us about his life in the past and how he had progressed as a writer. Also, he spoke about where the ideas for his books came from and who inspired him as a child. Alan caught my attention right from the start because he seemed like a really caring, funny man that knew how to make kids listen. I was really looking forward to the day ahead.


During the Flexible Learning Day I was chosen to learn a dance and perform to my year group at the end of the day. The dance was based and performed to the song ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson. We chose this song because the day was based on the genre horror. I extremely enjoyed my day and I would love to take part in more things like this day.


Right through the day I learnt about horror and how to express it through movement and facial expressions. I also learnt a lot of ideas I could use in the future if I ever have to write a horror story.  Also, I realised I should never judge someone by what they do, because what I thought of Alan was proved wrong. He was nothing like my expectations and I am glad, he entertained me and kept me engaged with the theme.


To improve other Flexible Learning Days you could base the day on a theme and have a special guest, this would keep everyone entertained, and then the day would be enjoyable for us all.


The day I would give a rating 10 out of 10 J

Longcroft School Visit – 5/7/11

Phoebe Youngs 7N

The Thing…

I blinked and looked away – It was definitely there; the red, scarlet blood oozing out from what seemed like a black, endless whole in the middle of my arm. That’s when I saw it – A single brown hair rising from the depths of my deathly cut. It rapidly increased like a tsunami – swarming from the never ending ocean. It soon began to speckle throughout my despairing body, like a virus, never able to cure.


Suddenly, I felt a wrenching pain – It summoned in the pit of my stomach, there was a nearby public toilet that had caught my eye – At least I could sit down and think. I ran in, barley able to breath. Unexpectedly I fell to the ground – Unable to realise what was happening as the world passed by. I turned to look at the floor – there right in front of me was a puddle of blood. In the reflection was a misshapen skull. I watched as my face transformed in to a disgusting creature. My eyes turned a sun tanned yellow as my hands turned to claws and green nails spurted from my fingers. I had become an animal – no more a human. First, I just thought, ‘What is happening?’ But once I put all the pieces together… I remembered. Last week, that full moon, that strange looking man, the lurking shadow…


I had become a blood curdling killer. I stepped out into the moon lit world around me – My tail following my every move. I looked up – Stared for while, Not sure what and let out a cry for help – I tried but didn’t succeed for my ‘cry for help’ turned into a cry for prey.


I was thirsty, I was hungry, I was alone. I had no where to go – I had no where to hide. I fell into a whispering world of dreams…


TIP, TAP, TIP, TAP, TIP, TAP! I heard someone walking foot by foot, slowly, uneven. I smelt the odour of a young man. I pranced.

Longcroft School Visit

Tuesday 5th July 2011

Joseph Ward 7N

The Creature of the Night

The gash on my arm was oozing thick red blood; the lips of the cut were swollen. A single brown hair was twisting its way out of my flesh. The cut sent a striking pain up my left arm.

“Ouch”, I screamed in terror. An ocean of hair was squirming its way out of my arm.

I walked down the road and I looked in an empty shop, this is when I realised that the bones in my face had melted, and they were reforming in the shape of a dog. I lifted up my hand and touched my face; I could feel fur across my nose and my forehead. I screamed out aloud once again. Suddenly my mind took me back to the night exactly a month ago, the night of the attack. When I got the never closing cut on my arm from the silhouetted figure in the darkness. My mind then took me back to reality.

I looked up the moon had come out from behind the clouds, tonight the moon was full just like the night of the attack. Unexpectedly a powerful howl escaped my lungs travelling for miles around. I lifted up my hand once again my hands were covered in fur my knuckles had grown and claws were pushing its way out my fingertips. Then I felt a biting pain in the pit of my stomach, I was hungry saliva dribbled out my mouth and dripped onto the floor. I was hungry for blood.

I don’t know what I was thinking my brain was being taken over. On the other side of the road was a man in his twenties walking home, he was wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase. He was going to be my prey. I sprinted across the road and clawed at the back of his jacket. He screamed, I pounced on him I saw the look in his eyes sorrow. I don’t know what I was doing I got up and pounced into the bushes behind.







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  1. I really enjoyed Hannah Falkinder’s work i thought it was very scary and very well detailed and i really really really really really really really really really really really really really really enjoyed it very much and look forward to seeing more of her work 🙂

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