Writing from Hampshire

These stories were written by students at Fernhill School, Hampshire.

¡Death out!

“It’s about time” I cried as we all saw the hotel.

The hotel slowly came closer and closer like it was floating though the air. My dad saw an empty parking space and parked up in it.

“Really” mum sighed as she put her coat on.

“It’s a five star hotel. LOOK!”

She pulled out the brochure and it was a five star hotel.

Me and Joe, my brother, had already dibbed the big room, as we flung to reception.

“You must be the Bedfords” a thirty year old woman greeted us.

“She’s a bit too good to be true”, mum thought.

Joe whispered to me “Look at that! It’s the Viking symbol.”

Ding went the bell and a man appeared: another Viking symbol.

“It should be the Viking Hotel, Joe” I joked.

“Good one bro.” he replied.

“Take them up to their rooms, 123 and 200,” the woman said.

“Yes honey”, the man replied

Mum and dad had a key for room 123 and me and Harry had room 200. I got to the room and went straight to the fridge, it was full of sweets.

“Sweet TV!” Harry and me cried together.

Mum and dad opened the door and a smell of death came straight to them.

“Is that a wicker man?” Mum asked dad “1921, 1822 and 2010.”

“Must be a festival” dad answered.

Then I saw them too.

“Joe what is this?” I asked.

“Looks like death.”

“Usual you Joe, death is always on your mind,” I laughed.

We spent the whole day snowboarding and had great fun on our red snowboard. When we got back to the hotel, I saw two giant legs and saw the picture in my mind.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh legs”

“Another festival”, dad smiled.

We had our tea and they started the body. I WAS SCARED!

“Excuse me Mr. Bellhop what is that?” I asked.

“A grave yard ………..” he replied.

“No, no, not that, the wooden thing”

“Ah, a wicker man, it will be done on Sunday – and you are the guests.”

On Saturday the body was done and I had to say something.

“Mum, mum we are going to die from the wicker man!”

HEEEELLLLLPPPPPPPPPPP us, we are going to die. I had to think of something quick.

Everyone was gone and it was just me. What should I do? Sunday came and I needed to get my family back home and safe. I was doing karate when I got a text, it said,

“I heard u lost yr family I want 2 let you know there is a cloning center nearby. Hope you can get there it is in Pedal in Spooks Town, I know it will be hard but just bring pictures of them. They will look real.”


I went to Spooks Town and looked for Pedal and could not find it but then there it was, the shop was called Pendel.

Several hours later I was back at the hotel, the clones were ready and I was ready. I was behind the wicker man. I untied him and put the robots in. The fire started and dad’s foot got stuck and began to burn.

“Ooooowwwww!” cried dad, “Save yourself son, save yourself!”

“No! I won’t dad. I will save you!” I cried.

I saved dad and a girl called Amy came along and said,

“You are my hero.”

I was flattered and I asked her out and she said, “Yes!”

Fifteen years later we were married. We had kids and we went to the hotel and found that they were still killing people. The day after we arrived it was another kill day; me and Amy called the local police to sort them out. The hotel owners were sent to prison for life even though they said it was a festival. But then I showed them the picture of 2010.

Five days later the hotel took on a life of its own and the only person who could stop it was me, Ryan Bedford. Joe worked for the swat team and they tried to but it didn’t work. The only way was for me to die so I sacrificed myself and that was the end of that hotel.

The End!


Ryan Bedford

Age 11

Fernhill School and Language College


Family Holiday from Hell

Chapter 1

It was a normal weather like day in the UK. My Family and I were going on our annual holiday. We were going to a hotel for two weeks. It was the 20th of April 1978, two days before my 12th birthday. I asked mum what was the name of the hotel we were going to stay in. The name was the Wicker Hotel


An hour later we went to pick up my best friend Timothy Hydry, we set off at 10 O’clock. We were finally on the move, it got gloomy. It took us more then three hours to get to Cornwall. It went even stormier. Then a couple of minutes into Torquay there was a thunder storm then the storm broke away and the sun came out but we saw the hotel in a cloud of thunder and lightning. Just hanging over the hotel was cloud but nothing else as if it was haunted which I doubted it was.


Coming in to the car park, it looked as if it was a hotel that nobody had heard of. It was just like a ghost town. But the hotel itself looked wonderfully scary as if Halloween had come early this year. My mum said we had to be extremely good or we wouldn’t do any fun activity and we would just stay and help the hotel manager. Mum told us to check in so I asked Tim to come with me and we went to the front desk. No one was there so we pressed the bell and then turned our backs to check on mum and dad see if they needed any help …………..


Amy McDonald

Age 12

Fernhill School and Language College



Flame in the Snow


Oliver Angel

Age 12

Fernhill School and Language College

Inspired by Alan Gibbons

It was the 13th of December 1992 when I truly discovered the meaning of fear; the Outlook Hotel.  We travelled up the hill and saw the hotel as it faded into view.  It was as if a magician had cast a spell and made the hotel appear.  The wind seemed to clear the snow around the car so for a moment we could clearly see the hotel.  Dad was driving the car.  The snow made it very difficult for him to see as he hovered into the car park.  It was mum who broke the silence with a squeal of “We’re here!”  It was strange as there were only two other cars.  It was my sister who pointed this out as she threw on her coat.  As we got out of the car we fully saw the building that was the Outlook Hotel.

We walked into reception and were almost dwarfed by the size of the hotel.  Dad was the one that checked us in.  The lady at the desk wasn’t very helpful but seemed quite friendly.  Her name was Mrs Sodslot and she had brown eyes and ginger hair.  She wore a large pendant that had a symbol of a flaming torch with the words “Thou shalt suffer for thy lord”.  These words puzzled me.  The lady at the desk rang the bell and a man appeared.

Mrs Sodslot said to him, “Darling would you take the Johnsons up to their room.”

The man had dark staring eyes and short black hair.  When he turned around to take our bags up, we saw he had a large scar on the back of his neck.

My sister and I had one room and my parents another.  We flew down the corridor to room 666.  I took the key card out of my pocket and put it in the slot.  I waited for the light to turn green and threw open the door.  I rushed over to the mini bar and took out a can of coke.  My sister raced over to the bed and started to bounce on it furiously.  I then launched myself in the direction of the TV and checked out all the channels

“Wowee!” I screamed.

As I turned around I saw the three pictures hanging on the wall.  They all contained the same image of a large wooden man and at the bottom of each one a date, 10th December 1940, 11th December 1963 and 12th December 1978.  These images puzzled me as I did not know what they meant.  It was the same in mum and dad’s room.

We spent the next morning exploring the mountains.  When we got back to the hotel we saw the legs of a large wooden statue being built.

“It’s like the one in those pictures” I said in a small voice.

We got back to our hotel room and settled down for the night.  I had a look out of my window and the statue now had a body and a left arm.  I saw Mr Sodslot walking down the corridor and I asked him,

“What’s that statue?”

“That there’s the Wickerman” he growled.

He then stamped down the stairs.  The next day when we came back from skiing, the Wickerman had a right arm and some feet.  After snowboarding the statue had a chest and head.

I asked Mr Sodslot “What you going to do with that?”

“We use that to celebrate the coming of winter and you’re the guest of honour”, he growled.

It was those words that helped me to piece the puzzle together.

At 11pm I saw the distant glow outside.  All the villagers were wearing large black cloaks and carrying huge flaming torches; they were circling the statue that was the Wickerman.  Ten of the villagers put out their torches and travelled up into the hotel and up to the 3rd floor to rooms 666 and 665.  Six of them went to mum and dad’s room and four came to our room.  All of them were carrying clubs and were prepared to use them.  There was quite a struggle in our parents’ room but it was all too easy for them.  All of us were unconscious. They dragged us out into the open where we were lifted up into the body of the Wickerman.  When we woke up the villagers were chanting.  They were saying,

“Sacrifice ye humble life”.

It was then I realized what was going to happen.

The reception woman, Mrs Sodslot, if that was her real name, lit her torch, pulled back her cloak hood and set the Wickerman’s feet on fire.  My whole family started to panic.  Five minutes had gone by when I looked out of the chest.  There was a loud cracking sound and the whole body fell backwards as it groaned under the weight.

“Grab on to something” I shouted.

Crash! The window in the front of the chest was visible over our heads now.  The Wickerman’s hips collapsed.  There was a visible route out!  We ran down the body dodging the flaming logs that were falling.

Suddenly there was a scream, my sister had not been so lucky.  A log had fallen directly on her foot, breaking it instantly.

“Go on without me!” she screamed.

And that was all we could do.  We rushed out into the cold night air.  All the villagers chased after us with their flaming torches and pitch forks.  We rushed to the car and drove through the snowy, cold, dead winter air.

Another picture has been added to the collection.  But the small plaque at the bottom says 13th December 1992. The failed sacrifice…………


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