Writing from Chessbrook Education Support Centre, Watford

The students at Chessbrook worked on a werewolf story. In these excerpts they describe theirfirst transformation into the werewolf.



I stared at the bleeding, deep gash on my right arm.  My mind raced back to a cold, dark night a month ago.  A shadow amongst the trees, a scream and then I blacked out.


Now, a month later, the wound had still not healed. From out of the centre of the wound a thick, wiry hair emerged.  A bizarre mutation was happening in front of my eyes.  My bones stretched around my skull, cracking and causing excruciating pain.  My jaw protrudes as sharp, razor-like fangs grow in my mouth causing me to drop.  A thick mucus paining from my mouth.







It started as a livid, itchy gash on my arm.  My thoughts sprung back in time and I saw images of that night.  An unknown figure, raw of anger, I hear the floor and felt a hairy paw and then K.O.  One month later the wound is still open.  I looked down at the centre of the cut. I saw a black/browny strand of hair creeping out of the wound.  An evil transformation was beginning.  My skull seeped to melt and turn into a wolf’s skull with a pointy muzzle and a black nose.

My fangs came down like vampires.  My hips came into black leather strips, my eyes squinted and gave off a deep evil glow.  My senses sharpened and I felt alert.  My nails grew sharp like a blade.  My hands shivered with fear.  I developed lean muscle all over my body.







The bloody gash on my right forearm caught my eye.  I shuddered as I thought back to that night a month earlier. I was awoken from my sleep as the towering shadow howled and struck.  Now, a month later, the wound still had not healed.  From the congealed crusty scab a single thick, course hazelnut hair poked through.  It seemed to grow slowly before my eyes.  A grotesque mutation was in motion.  My face contorted and twisted, pupils dilated, eyes narrowed.  Jaw cracked, razor sharp fangs emerged, hair speeding out of nostrils and ears, power and energy flooding through my body.  The clouds suddenly parted to reveal the glaring light of the huge round moon.  An enormous howl  escaped from deep within my lungs and echoed all around.
Ethan Davis


I stared at this bloody scar on my right arm.  A month later images flashed into my head of a big hairy thing.  I noticed a sudden shadowy figure then I felt dizzy.  My vision was blurred then blackout.  A few weeks had passed, the wound was still freshly cut.  Then I saw a big thick hair growing on my wound and on my face.  It was longer than my hair and felt like it didn’t belong to me.  A dramatic change to my body had begun.  Soon after that my skull started stretching and evolving in pain.  My teeth changed to big lethal fangs.  My changed colour and turned luminous yellow like cat’s eyes.  I could smell for miles and hear cars and trains from miles away.  My senses came stronger and my body  changed from human to canine.  My nails got sharper and became lethal weapons.  I can taste my prey and feel hungry for human flesh.  Through my window the clouds cleared and the moon shone brightly.  My lungs filled with oxygen like my body was going to release my pain.  My mouth opened and I howled.







Jamie Ryan


I observed the pussing, oozing laceration on my chest.  Unsettling images dazzled my thoughts, returning me to that horrific moment a month ago.  There had been a figure cloaked in darkness, a flash of teeth, then I blacked out.  Now, a month later, the wound still agonisingly gaped open, my chest was pulsating with each heartbeat as I gazed at a thick, wiry, wormy wriggled out of the wound.  A monstrous mutation was unfolding at an alarming pace.  I could hear my skull cracking.  The bones under my skin becoming fluid and rebuilding itself into a hellish form.  My nose stretched out before my eyes into a hair-ridden muzzle like a snake shedding its skin.  The flesh on my hands peeled back revealing razor sharp claws.  Suddenly the clouds parted and the glistening light from a startling full moon beamed onto my disfigured face.  A gruesome howl burst from my thoughts and permeated the quiet air.





I studied the gory, scarlet wound on my right wrist.  The full moon above me was reminiscent of a creepy night one month ago.  There had been a dark form, a flash of pain to my head and I collapsed.  Now a month later the wound was still open and leaking.  From the gaping pus-leaking wound spouted a rough thick dark bristle.  It wriggled and twisted from the torn flesh.  A weird mutation had begun.


As excruciating pain ripped through my jaw my mouth distorted into a muzzle.  Sharp pointing fangs forced their way through my jaw.  Claws stretched from my evolving hairy leathery pads.  The pain in my head was too much to bear as my head mutated.


As the eerie light rose through the darkness an extremely loud roar was released from my throat as I looked up at the moon.




Jaden Ryan


I stared at the long slice along my pulsing muscle on my dying left arm.  As I stared at the slice in my arm my mind went blank, then I pictured my experience with a wolf a month ago.


There was darkness, then the air changed direction and went cold.  Then nothing.  I assume I had blocked out or had been knocked out.


Now, a month later, the wound had not healed.  From out of the pulsing, infected wound came a long, thick, wiry bronzed hair.

An evil mutation had begun to unfold.  My skull started to crack and shatter.  My nose seemed to get bigger.  I felt really aggressive.  My skin felt like leather being stretched, like an army boot.  My teeth became monstrous and razor sharp.  It felt like a bat to my jaw.  My spine grew extra ligaments.  It cracked all the way down like a glass bottle being crushed.  My hands grew to an abnormal size.  My knuckles were the size of golfballs.  My arms and legs looked like tree trunks.  My chest felt like it was being torn open.


Then the pain stopped.  I was triple the size of my human form.  I looked up and saw the silvery moon through the clouds, quickly moving.  The clouds moved, the moon appeared, my lungs filled with air.  Then I howled, birds flew out of trees, bushes rustled.  I looked forward and saw my first kill.


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