In service training- teaching writing

Lecturing on the teaching of writing

In addition to my work with young people in schools, I also work with librarians and teachers. I have run courses for TSL Education Limited, Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation, special needs and IT organisations, local authorities and many schools and libraries. I have conducted training as far afield as China. I also offer schools the option of my working with youngsters during the school day then leading a one hour ‘taster INSET’ as a twilight after the children have gone home. Many schools then submit the pupils’ work to my Blog so that the youngsters have a wider audience than marking or the school assembly. I think it is vital that young people are appreciated in wider forums than the classroom.

I currently run four sessions:


*What does a literate school look like? What kind of environment encourages young people to see themselves as successful readers and writers?

*What role does the school library play?

*What is the most effective method of teaching creative writing?


*Are boys really more difficult to teach?

*Are they more reluctant readers and writers?

*If they are which classroom strategies are most likely to encourage them to become more engaged in literacy?


*What opportunities are provided for creative writing elsewhere in the curriculum?

*How can teachers cooperate across subject boundaries to make the curriculum more interesting?

*What role does empathy play in the teaching of PSHE, RE, Geography and History?


*Is poetry just for girls?

*Does it have to rhyme?

*Does it matter when it rarely features in national tests?

*Can poetry be taught or do children just create?

If you would like me to run a course at your establishment, email me through my website

To see me teach go to:

Also on the website are the details of my Teach Me books which supplement the training sessions.

A good example of how to engage pupils and present their work can be seen by going to:

Alan Gibbons on teaching English
Read Alan’s new books on the teaching of poetry and fiction
(published January 2005).

cover Teach me to Write Fiction

Teach me to write fiction
Nash Pollock publishers
(ISBN 1 898255 45 8).

cover - Teaching Poetry

Teach me to write poetry
Nash Pollock publishers
(ISBN 1 898255 46 6)

cover - Teach me to Write non Fiction

Teach me to write non fiction, Nash Pollock publishers
(ISBN 1-898255-47-4)

These three books are packed with lesson plans and useful how-to-teach guides. Indispensable for the classroom teacher.

Orders should be placed with:

Nash Pollock,
PO Box 150,
CW7 3WA.

Tel: 01606 836699

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