The song of Boris Johnson

Me, me, me, me, me, MEEEE!
Me, stabba, backstabba, frontstabba,
me, Boris, Boris, MEEE!
Me, hate Tree, me, hate Phil-eeeee,
me, stabba, backstabba, frontstabba,
been a bit remain,
left a bit of a stain,
got to be a leava,
quite relieve-ahh!
Me, me, me , me, me, MEEEE!
Me, ho, ho, he, he, ha, ha,
cuddly, fluffy,
Boris, Boris,
ain’t he a larf?
Me, me, me, me, me, MEEE!
Me, stab, backstabba, frontstabba,
Knocks over kiddeess,
wears dirty skiddees,
me, Boris, Boris, MEEE!
Love to wreck a restaurant,
wealth I love to flaunt,
want to be a leada,
ruthless kind of bleeda,
Me, me, me, me, MEEEE!

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