For Heather Heyer

This is what the mother of Heather Heyer said

About her daughter.

She said: somehow I almost feel that this is what she was born to be,

a focal point for change.

Nobody is born to hate

So Heather took a stand against hatred.

Nobody is born to see their fellow human beings

As other just because

Of the colour of their skin.

So Heather was in that street

With people as diverse

As the flowers in the field

To take a stand against racism,

Against fascism.

We will remember Heather Heyer

The best way we can, by taking our own stand

Against hatred,

By taking our own stand against racism,

Against fascism,

Because we are as diverse

As the flowers in the field.

We will remember what the mother

Of Heather Heyer said

About her daughter

Because this is what we were born to be,

Focal points of change.

One thought on “For Heather Heyer

  1. Thanks for this. Very moving and thought provoking. We all need to be vigilant about the growing confidence of the far right.

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