Letters from an encouraged Corbynite #5:



So who would The PM Who Called a Snap Election to Destroy Labour and Failed to Get a Majority (PMWCSEDLFGM for short) call to save her job? Yes, it is none other than The Wretched Little Sneak Who Stabbed Johnson to Get the Job (WLSWSJGJ for short). This morning, bespectacled froth-merchant WLSWSJGJ employed his best suppressed Scottish intellectual accent to be reasonable and clipped to argue ‘Let’s forget all this stuff about May having a tin ear and get on with gravitas, statesmanship and Brexit and not talking about the loss of innocent lives too much.’

Now, if the notoriously disloyal Brutus of the Commons is to be the frontman of Tory recovery, they really are in trouble. The public will look on and think that when everyone knows the hyenas are circling around the stricken zebra helplessly kicking her leopard-print hooves, it is a bit dangerous to employ the most dangerous and cruel hyena on the savannah to protect her. The simple fact is that the Tories, not Labour, are now the most obvious example of division and backbiting, however they try to massage the message. Found morally wanting over the Grenfell Tower disaster, thwarted in their ambition to destroy Labour as an electoral force, their Brexit plans in tatters, demonstrated to be desperate for a coalition of chaos that could unsettle the peace process in Northern Ireland for short term survival, this is a government that has lost any political authority.

Now, our job is not to chuckle mischievously or analyse this grotesque farce. It is to maintain unity in action and prepare to bury them. As Jeremy Corbyn said last week, Labour has to be on a war footing with a strategy of attack to take the Tory marginals we need to form a government. The circumstances are favourable. The angry response by the community in Kensington demonstrates that a popular, left wing mood is stirring and it is being focussed around the figure of Corbyn.

We are in unsettled, disturbing times, but simultaneously, hope is germinating.

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