Letters from an encouraged Corbynite #4

The spectacle of commentators who made ludicrous claims about the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn now giving equally ludicrous explanations of how and why it happened, is grotesque. This is not about their ability to rummage effectively through the entrails of a bull. It is a misunderstanding of what politics is.
I remember one definition being the common affairs of the people. In the common affairs of the people, the public make decisions for several reasons: because it furthers their own interests; because it furthers the interests of others they care about; because they become convinced that there is a better way of living.
That is why so many socialists were right to persevere with Jeremy Corbyn and why so many non-socialists and waverers were so wrong to distance themselves from him. The commentariat think that it is only able to achieve office by courting a small section of an arbitrarily decided middle ground. People living in the real world believe that change can be achieved by talking to and convincing millions of ordinary people. All kinds of shifts and changes will occur in the course of the lead-up to the next election. Quite simply, it is not how we read polls or juggle the Thesaurus to find the best word for ‘moderate’ that will determine the outcome. It is what we do. So, anyone who wants an alternative to the Tories, let’s start doing more good things.

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