Letters from an encouraged Corbynite #2:

Theresa May’s speech yesterday was as stiff as the starched dog collar in a vicar’s wardrobe. When any survivalist politician would have shown herself capable of listening to the public and to her parliamentary party, May chose to lecture the people on what was needed (strength and stability) as if the winds of electoral change had not just stripped her of the little bit of credibility she had left. For her to choose supine deference to the homophobic and anti-feminist Loyalist supremacists of the DUP is the final, shabby act in a wretched farce that has demeaned her and her office.
She will be gone by the autumn and Labour stands on the verge of power as the Tories try to cling to office and squirm and wriggle through a doughy Brexit with hard chunks and some liquid. There are possibly traces of salmonella too. Corbyn will, as he has done in recent times, coopting Burnham and Cooper supporters into his team, draw on talents outside his own circle. Given the make-up of the CLP, he has little choice. Domestic opponents of his radical, reforming projects are discovering that, contrary to previous reports, they really do quite like Jeremy. It is now imperative that we strengthen the left in the CLPs and wards so that our left wing Manifesto is not neutralised and our left wing leadership is not held hostage by Mandelson-style pleas for the top team to compromise with the baleful ghosts of post-Blairism.

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