Letters from an encouraged Corbynite #1

“Letters from an encouraged Corbynite #1:
Tory 318, Labour 261 as I write. It is a hung parliament. Theresa May said she would go to the country to win a strengthened mandate. She didn’t get it. That she is going to stay in office despite Labour’s strong showing by relying on an arrangement with the Democratic Unionists in Northern Ireland shows she has no honour. Clearly, she should go. She is a lame duck Prime Minister, a diminished figure.
Be clear. This is not just because she ran a bad campaign, not just because she is arrogant, not just because she has a tin ear for the interests of working class people, not just because she has the charisma of a parsnip. It is because the people are tired of austerity. It is because Labour has a leader who could give voice to their concerns and because Corbyn increasingly impressed people with his honesty, integrity and policy platform. It is because we have a movement that could put an army of volunteers on the streets to convince people, particularly UKIP voters that Labour was on the march. Possibly, most importantly, Labour started to sink roots outside its metropolitan heartlands, establishing itself as a party that can win the south, the midlands, large parts of Scotland, all this on the basis of an unequivocally socialist leader and growing, grassroots organisation. This must be reflected in all party organisations and the wider Labour movement.
This encouraging result is the beginning, not the end of a process leading to a majority Labour government. Be active. Be active in your CLPs, your campaigns, your trade unions, your communities. Labour must not be a party that does well in one election, but one that represents working people and is there week in, week out.
We are on the march. Once we have had a short period of rest and enjoyment, we build this movement even more strongly.

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