Letters from an encouraged Corbynista #8:



A few months ago, my various articles argued that Brexit would turn out to be the Tory vale of tears. For a while, it looked as if Labour were struggling over the issue of Europe, but it was the dog that didn’t bark at the General Election and it has come back to haunt May and her ersatz Orange band. It is likely that it will torture May’s zombie party as it stumbles along, dead but not quite buried.

Tonight’s vote in the Commons confirms that austerity is the other great issue that will help undo the Tories. The sight of the Tories, supported by the DUP just days after its MPs pocketed Mrs May’s billion pound bung, baying and cheering because they had just blocked a pay rise for public sector workers was nauseating, but it will reverberate long in the public consciousness.

Remember the exhausted firefighters, heroes of the Grenfell fire, being cheered as they left. People won’t forget that the Tories refused them a pay rise and howled with glee as they did it.

Remember the medical staff who rushed into work to do long shifts when the bomb went off at the MEN in Manchester. People will remember that the Tories and the DUP think they are only worth a below average pay rise. Remember the copper who died and the one who was stabbed trying to save the public in terrorist incidents. People will be appalled that the Tories think it is fun to block a pay increase.

Once more, the Tories have proved to be morally vacuous. Simultaneously, Jeremy Corbyn assumes the mantle of social justice. He looks more like a Prime Minister in waiting with each passing day.

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