It reminds you, at first sight,

Of a grey or brownish head of broccoli,

Bubbling skyward.

Well, what’s so scary about broccoli?

You may as well be scared of buttons.

I mean, buttons come in many colours,

Blue, green, yellow, black,

So why be scared of a red one?

Why fear something that looks,

Not like a broccoli head,

But a reindeer’s nose?

What damage could that do?

After all, nobody has pressed

The red button,

Released the broccoli head,

In decades

So maybe they never will.

I suppose the thing to do

Is look at the fingers

That could press the button,

Release the broccoli head,

The guy with the candyfloss hair,

The comedy fat boy

In olive fatigues,

The sub-Thatcherite wannabee

And ask yourself:

Do you feel safe?

Well, do you?

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