Mrs May explains bombs



The bombs that fall on Syria

Are barbarous,

The bombs that fall are vile,

The gas attack is a war crime,

We condemn it,

Condemn it with all our heart.


The bombs that fall on Yemen,

Are naughty,

They’re not that good at all,

But we can’t condemn them utterly,

No, we won’t protest at all,

The bombs that fall on Yemen,

Well, we sell them on the Kingdom’s call.


The President that drops bombs

On Syria

Is a pariah, a monster,

A wicked, wicked man,

A murderer, a butcher,

He’s quite beyond the pale.


The King that drops bombs

On Yemen,

Now we need to engage with him,

Sell him arms for profit,

Declare him our brother

In arms.


So I hope you like

My explanation,

It’s really rather clear,

Dump our oil sugar daddy,

Sod off,

No bloody fear.

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