A cautionary tale

A cautionary tale:
For their birthday, Lefty, Softy and Righty got a Corby.
“What, one present between three of us?” they said.
“I’m afraid so,” Party said. “We’re not made of leaders.”
Well, Righty really wanted a Lizzy and Softy would have liked an Andy or a Vetty, but they both had to settle for a share in a Corby.
Lefty loved her Corby and couldn’t wait to see it work, but when she wasn’t looking, the others took out the batteries.
“See,” they said. “We told you it wouldn’t work.”
Lefty finally found the batteries hidden down the side of the settee and got her Corby started again.
“Look,” she said. “Party says this is the only present we can have so we have to make the best of it. Stop being so mean.”
Later on that day, Softy and Righty went up and down the street and told everybody the Corby didn’t work. Lefty went out to play and everybody laughed at her.
“Your Corby doesn’t work,” they said.
Lefty got her Corby going and tried to show them, but most people were looking the other way by then. There were pictures of a Corby that didn’t work everywhere you looked. Every day, Softy and Righty said they should swop the Corby for something better. Finally, they got their way and the triplets went back to Party. Softy and Righty wanted to swap the Corby for a Smthy. After lots of arguing, Party made up her mind.
“The Smithy doesn’t work,” she said. “It just produces a lot of hot air and goes backwards.”
Lefty was made up, but Softy and Righty were angry. When Lefty wasn’t looking, they kicked the Corby and pulled bits off. Quite soon, it wasn’t working half as well.
“What’s wrong with our Corby?” Lefty said, really upset.
“We’re not sure,” Softy and Righty said. “But we told you it wouldn’t work.”
They looked at each other and winked.

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