The story of Treezy-Mae and Trumpy Wumpy

Are you sitting comfortably, children?

Good, so let’s begin.

Shall we see who’s in the magic box?

Why, it’s Treezy-Mae.

Just look at her little cat skin shoes.

Aren’t they cute?


Who’s in the box with you today, Treezy-Mae?

What’s that? He’s holding your hand

And he won’t let you go?

Ask him to come out, Treezy-Mae.

Oh, look children it’s Trumpy Wumpy,

The orange elephant.


Just look at his funny hair.

Do you think it’s his own, children?

What’s that, it belongs to another animal?

Are you saying Trumpy Wumpy

Isn’t all he seems?

Here he comes, climbing out of the box.

Oops, he’s fallen back in.

Careful, Trumpy Wumpy.


You can let go of Treezy-Mae’s hand now,

Trumpy Wumpy. She says

She is going to let you sing to all

The lovely Lords and Commons.

What’s that, Berky Werky says no

And all the forest animals

Are shaking their heads?


Don’t cry, Trumpy Wumpy,

We’ll find somewhere for you to sing.

Maybe it will be in a glade far away

Or a mountain high.

There’s got to be somewhere

The forest animals won’t find you.


Shall we put you both back in the box,

Treezy-Mae? What’s that,

You don’t want to get in the box

With Trumpy Wumpy?

He wants to stroke your cat.

I didn’t know you had a cat,

Treezy-Mae. Well, don’t worry,

You’ve got a box each now.


Sleep tight, Trumpy Wumpy.

Sleep tight, Treezy Mae.

You’ll be safe in there.

Be good or we’ll set Corby Worby

On you. Night night, night night.

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