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Save Wolverhampton Libraries : 9th September
Myth 6 ‘We’re not closing libraries’
Try telling this to communities when their library has closed and a smaller dumbed down version has opened up at a location they cannot access.  A good example of the Council ‘not closing libraries’ is Tettenhall Wood Library—once a loved and popular facility serving its local community.  Where is it now? It hasn’t ‘closed’, instead it has been turned into 5 bookcases up a corner of a room in a community centre
Kilburn Times : 9th September : 9th September
Wembley mother joins fight to reopen Barham Library
Waheeda Bibi, who lives in Chaplin Road, has been busy collecting signatures from local residents affected by the closure of Barham Library.
Lancashire Telegraph : 8th September
Longer opening hours planned for East Lancashire’s libraries
Infoism : 9th September
Government widening the digital divide – five things they can do to narrow it
 “Public libraries could, if adequately supported, provide a bridge for those who are currently digitally excluded” – Infoism’s response to Francis Maude’s latest statement to Parliament on his efforts, as minister, to push services on online.

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