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Public Lending Right ‘not given in volunteer run libraries’ : 2nd April
The Decline and Fall of the Library Empire 
by Steve Coffman, Vice President, Library Support Services, LSSI — Library Systems and Services–The-Decline-and-Fall-of-the-Library-Empire.shtml

This Is Croydon : 2nd April
Croydon Council spends £40,000 on library consultant

Information Today Inc : 2nd April
Expanding Options for Ebooks

Bilbary; Apple; Vook; Bookboon

BBC News : 2nd April
E-gaming firm to fund Manx library service

“I would encourage more local companies to take part in supporting essential public services.”

Isle of Man:

Bedfordshire News : 2nd April
Local libraries to charge for use of computers

This Is Gloucestershire : 2nd April
Library consultation flawed and misleading – campaigners

The Comet : 2nd April
Library closure fears dispelled

Efficiencies will instead be made through reducing back room costs and investing in self-service technology.

Stop the Privatisation of UK libraries:

“An Isle of Man-based e-gaming firm has come forward with funding to secure the future of the Manx library service.

Pokerstars, which has headquarters in Onchan, will fund the family and mobile service for the next three years.
The announcement comes after a controversial government decision to close the facilities down.
The funds, which will be donated through the Manx Education Foundation (MEF), will maintain the current level of service and safeguard all jobs.”
see also:“CAMPAIGNERS have criticised Croydon Council’s hiring of a £40,000-a-year consultant to oversee the cost-saving outsourcing of the borough’s 14 libraries.
The authority told the Advertiser it had employed the “highly specialised” worker since the end of January to ensure “quality control throughout the life-cycle of the project”.
But library preservation campaigner Sally-Ann Voak, from Old Coulsdon, said: “I am appalled; £40,000 would have paid for about six months’ worth of Bradmore Green Library’s costs, staffing and maintenance.
“How can they possibly justify creating another job when the department already has staff to do this?”
Fellow campaigner Elizabeth Ash, from Sanderstead, deemed the hiring “outrageous”.
She added: “If the council is incapable of running its own library services, how can it be in a position to decide who can accurately oversee the process?
“It is doing it on a wing and a prayer. It should be going back and doing a proper consultation about the libraries’ futures – with all library users.”

Conservative Home : 2nd April
Ed Miliband launches Labour’s local election campaign

includes Library references

Library Journal : 2nd April
Privatized Libraries: Not so Bad for Everyone

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