Announcement from Birmingham Music Library

Throughout the next two years we will be undertaking intensive work preparing our stock, staff and services for the new Library of Birmingham (due to open in June 2013 – please follow the link below for the latest details).
We also anticipate losing up to 50% of our specialist music staff during this year.

As a consequence of this we are sorry to have to tell you that, from today, Birmingham Music Library will only be able to accept inter-library loan requests for performance sets, where the return date is January 15th 2012, or earlier.

We anticipate resuming the sets ILL service during July or August 2013, shortly after the new building has opened in June.

Requests (by phone only) will be taken until November 30th 2011, but only if the final return date is not later than January 15th 2012.
(After July 1st 2011 all phone calls to the library are likely to be routed
through a single number so you may want to try other libraries first for standard repertoire).

The direct loan service to our existing customers will continue for a longer period (with restrictions), but I must emphasise that we do not lend directly to any organisation outside the West Midlands and the immediately adjacent counties.

We are very sorry to have to withdraw the ILL service to other libraries so early and we are very aware of the impact that this will have on you all. We were hoping to be able to continue the service for longer, but given the huge stock preparation job, the volume of requests that we receive, the general reduction in our library services (follow link below), and the loss of specialist staff, we have been left with no choice.

One thought on “Announcement from Birmingham Music Library

  1. How can a council spend £200m on a new library and so specifically plan to make the service worse rather than better? How cynical in the use of public money (when there isn’t much around) can one be?

    This is just so sad, pathetic, appalling — and disgraceful.

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