Cuts ‘hitting wrong target’

THE DAILY MAIL : 24th January
Cuts are ‘hitting the wrong targets’ : Axeing services risks social unrest, ministers warned

“The report by the Centre for Social Justice appears to echo concerns of residents who are angry that services such as libraries, playgroups and care homes are threatened with closure while pet projects of the political class survive.  The study warns that too little thought appears to be going into the value of services threatened with the axe.”

Alan Gibbons comments:

“Whatever you think of this article what leaps out at you is the extraordinary development that the pet think tank of former Tory leader Ian Duncan-Smith sees the closing of services such as libraries as deeply wrong. In a meeting with Culture Minister Ed Vaizey when he was still a shadow Minister he was strongly supportive of Mr Duncan-Smith’s efforts through the Centre for Social Justice. I believe he should sharply rethink the idea that closing at least of one fifth of the library network is in any way justifiable. As this article makes clear, the cost in illiteracy and social breakdown may be incalculable.”

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