Hugely successful demonstration against library cuts


This morning (Saturday, July 12th), I attended a hugely successful demonstration in Doncaster against library cuts. At eleven o’clock several hundred protestors gathered in front of the Mansion House. The atmosphere was light-hearted, with colourful banners and balloons on show, but there was anger too in the wake of Mayor Winter’s denial that there were any serious reductions in spending on the Service. Local librarians, Unison members, teachers and members of the general public set off on a march around the town centre. On behalf of the authors’ campaign to support the librarians’ fight for justice, Helena Pielichaty and I both spoke.

But the day belonged to the librarians themselves, some of them dressed as story book characters to emphasize the quality of the service they provide to the people of the town. Many passing cars tooted their support and the demonstration wound up back at the Mansion House in carnival atmosphere.

After this terrific turn-out, local trade unionists will feel encouraged by the show of public support they have received. I would renew my call on Mayor Winter to come clean on the extent of reductions in funding and to accept my offer of a public debate on the future of Doncaster’s libraries. I would also appeal to the town’s MPs, Ed Miliband, Caroline Flint and Rosie Winterton to finally speak out publicly and honestly and say where they stand on the issue.

Today’s demonstration is not the end but the beginning of a long campaign.

(I will post further items of news and photographs as I receive them).

2 thoughts on “Hugely successful demonstration against library cuts

  1. Alan

    I’m the UNISON convenor leading on negotiations over libraries and wish to thank you for your support. Unfortunately I didn’t get chance to speak to you today as I arrived late, just in time to see your closing speech…Maggie Maggie Maggie!

    The reason I was late ,was that I had been to see Caroline Flint at her surgery. I just wanted to inform you that Caroline supports the campaign and has already written to Mayor Winter raising her concerns. Apparently the Doncaster MP’s are to have a regular meeting with the Mayor in the near future and have asked for Libraries to be on the agenda.

    For info. the correct figure for the savings is £662,000 with a further £268,000 being saved to pay for the redundancies. Also, based on managements own footfall figutes, 60,000 Doncasster residents a year will not be able to use libraries at the time they previousley did.

    Thanks once again for your support.

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