Right, let me get this right, if a) Jeremy Corbyn wins the Labour leadership election according to democratically decided rules and b) the losers don’t like the result and quit, throwing their toys out of the pram then c) said Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters are splitters, destroying the party. Is that it?

Mention in the Guardian

Hate gets another mention in the Guardian today:


7. Hate by Alan Gibbons
Inspired by the true story of Sophie Lancaster, who was killed for looking different, this moving book is about Eve, whose sister Rosie was murdered because of how she dressed. The book explores bigotry and prejudice in an atmosphere of building tension – could this all happen again to someone else? I’ve met Alan a couple of times now, most recently at the Lancashire Book Awards were we were both shortlisted, and he’s a passionate writer with a nose for the serious issues that other YA writers don’t always tackle. He wrote this book after meeting Sophie’s mother and realising this is a story that should be out there.


Lincolnshire Libraries at the High Court

Here is how to keep up to date with the hearing and potential Judicial Review that is starting tomorrow in the High Court.





Official Hashtag #LibrariesHighCourt


Live stream of this tag being used




Private Eye, Library News

Issue No. 1396 | Library News (p.35)

LIBRARIES minister Ed Vaizey told a recent meeting of the Leadership for Libraries Taskforce that securing £7.4m in spring’s budget to ensure that every public library has wifi was a “notable achievement”.

Last year’s independent report on the sector noted that only 48 percent of libraries offer a way for visitors to get online using their own gadgets, rather than using library computers. But will £7.4m even come close to covering the costs?

Last year, free public wifi was installed in 1,000 public buildings around the UK, using £30m from the government’s £150m Super-Connected Cities programme, as Vaizey should know, since he announced the scheme.

The scale of the task with small branch libraries is larger. At a meeting of the all-party parliamentary group on libraries earlier this year, independent report panel chair William Sieghart noted: “It is shocking that over 1,000 libraries don’t have wifi.” Of course, he went on to say, “many of these are libraries that have been slated for closure.”

Four libraries closed for good in the London borough of Harrow last month, and 16 new planned closures were announced in Fife. A final decision on closing seven libraries in Bristol is due in August. That’s certainly one way to make that £7.4m stretch to cover whatever public libraries remain.

Round up

Public Libraries News : 25th July

Editorial | A look at the ridiculous “there’s more libraries now” claim

and scroll down to:  ‘A look at the statistics’




Cambridge News : 26th July

Review planned over Cambridge Central Library enterprise centre  – but no independent inquiry




Lincolnshire Echo : 26th July

‘Council may be lean and efficient but that’s because it is cutting all its services’



Lincolnshire Echo : 26th July

‘County Council has squirelled away £17m of YOUR money – but won’t put penny into libraries’



THE GUARDIAN : 24th July

Drop in younger children visiting libraries is worrying, says Chris Riddell

This story has been very widely published

Some queries have since been raised about the reliability of the figures quoted therein.




DCMS : July 2015

Taking Part 2014/15 – Annual Child Report | Statistical Release

see various refs, most specifically Page 21




Good eReader : 24th July

Major Publishers Might Revise eBook Pricing for Libraries

Publishers need libraries now …




Bournemouth Echo : 24th July

Poole | Axed mobile library to be used at school for next three years

parked up




Ham & High : 23rd July

Camden library campaigners celebrate small victory in fight against closures




Fife Today : 23rd July

Campaign launched to save Kinghorn library from closure




Local Government Lawyer : 20th July

High Court to start hearing second judicial review over libraries plan




Spoon & Tamago : 18th July

Japan | Kids’ Sculptures Made From Books to Bring Librarians Back Into Libraries



Lincolnshire library plans ‘perverse’ High Court told





Vaizey to launch wi-fi pilot scheme today




CILIP : 22nd July

Improving access to library services for visually impaired people




LGA : 22nd July

Poor children being let down by public services finds National Children’s Bureau report




Huddersfield Examiner : 22nd July

You are vital to keeping your library running:

Results of survey on Kirklees Council libraries show public involvement is key for future




Shropshire Star : 22nd July

Editorial | Plight of library is a timely reminder



Lincolnshire Echo : 21st July

Lincolnshire libraries: Council’s plans to cut libraries described as “perverse”



Market Rasen Mail : 21st July

Libraries – Council jumping gun



Lincolnshire Echo : 21st July

Lincolnshire campaigners head to London to seek legal challenge over libraries shake-up




Telegraph & Argus : 21st July

Kirklees | Debate on plans to close libraries in Cleckheaton, Birstall and Heckmondwike




Daily Record : 21st July

A temporary Kirkcudbright library is set to cost as much as £157,000 as it moves from sheriff court http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/temporary-kirkcudbright-library-set-cost-6107442



Pirate FM : 20th July

Decision Delayed On Future Of Cornwall’s Libraries



Pirate FM : 20th July

Do You Fancy Running Cornwall’s Leisure Services?






THE GUARDIAN : 20th July

App could turn America’s poor into lifelong readers

While the UK quibbles over library ebook lending, American publishers are teaming up with charities and libraries to give away thousands of ebooks to low-income students.





Bristol libraries could be saved after council u-turn




Liverpool Echo : 20th July

Fewer people using Wirral libraries since opening hours were cut




Liverpool Echo : 19th July

Sefton Park library’s crime section left empty after ‘mass borrowing’

Library campaigners say it is a ‘crime’ that Liverpool’s libraries have been left in limbo




Shropshire Council : 20th July

Residents’ views sought on proposals for Bishop’s Castle Library


BBC News : 17th July

Plans to close seven Bristol libraries overturned



Bristol.gov : 17th July

Press Release | Fresh Proposals – Libraries




Bournemouth Echo : 17th July

Poole | Axed mobile library leaves residents ‘with no alternative’




Biggleswade Chronicle : 17th July

Bedfordshire | Mobile library service ‘at risk’ ?in consultation




The Courier : 17th July

New chapter in Fife library library row




Wales Online : 16th July

Roath library campaigners ask again for the building to be saved as councillors discuss its future

Coun Bradbury said the preferred option was for a community group to take over the building but that they would consider any offer, even from a private company.



Lincolnshire library campaigners head to high court



Stamford Mercury : 15th July

Lincolnshire library cuts in High Court once more



Wales Online : 15th July

Campaigners set to take their fight to save Rhoose Library to court




Ham & High : 16th July

600 sign petition to save West Hampstead Library as Camden consults on closures




Staffordshire Newsletter : 16th July

Penkridge Library campaigners urge residents to have say on opening hours and mobile library




Blackmore Vale Magazine : 16th July

Letter | Libraries are for all ages




Gazette & Herald : 15th July

North Yorkshire | Campaigners win battle to save Norton Library from closure

“The small financial concessions that have been offered to create all volunteer libraries will be inadequate to sustain them.”


Public Libraries News : 14th July

Cuts in Camden, more details on losses in Bucks, Dorset and Worcs


Please also note under ‘national news’ on the same PLN page, a furious email about the BBC’s coverage of (Armthorpe Library) Doncaster.  It looks as though the BBC commentary on ‘Breakfast News’ was inaccurate – leading to some similarly misleading claims in the BBC article that was subsequently circulated.



Save Lincolnshire Libraries : 15th July

County council refuses to reconsider plans to get rid of staff from libraries




Derby Telegraph : 15th July

Crunch talks with Government over Derby City Council debt

Derby Arena, CCTV, school crossings,Derby Museum and Art Gallery and local libraries could all be affected by the cuts which Derby City Council says it is being forced to make.




Express & Star : 15th July

New round of cuts for Wolverhampton: Libraries & children’s services in the firing line

Councillors have warned that even Central Library, which has so far been spared the same fate as smaller branches, may also have its opening hours reduced along with others facing the axe again.




Dorset County Council : 15th July

Dorset joins LibrariesWest Consortium




Wales Online : 15th July

Cardiff | Letter – Do right thing and reopen city library


Public Libraries News : 12th July

Editorial | 175 innovations for your public library service … and 343 volunteer libraries




Ham & High : 13th July

Have your say on £800,000 cuts putting Camden libraries in the firing line

Libraries could close, see opening hours slashed, be privatised, or become self-service under cost-saving options to be presented to residents in a consultation next week.



Don’t Privatise Libraries : 13th July

Camden Council proposes library cuts and Councillors set up a campaign and a petition http://dontprivatiselibraries.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/camden-council-proposes-library-cuts.html



Don’t Privatise Libraries : 13th July

Barnet Childrens’ March for Libraries on 12/9/15 – A call out to all library campaigners/supporters




Western Gazette : 13th July

Dorset residents to have their say on mobile libraries future

?http://www.westerngazette.co.uk/Dorset-residents-say-mobile-libraries-future/story-26891345-detail/story.html …



Daily Post : 13th July

Anglesey town councils will be asked to take over services as local authority faces further £5m cuts

Outside bodies may be required to take over the running of some non-statutory services, including libraries …




Blackmore Vale Magazine: 13th July

Letter | Don’t begrudge time for toddlers in libraries


BBC News : 10th July

The volunteers who are keeping local libraries alive

Examples cited: Doncaster and Lincolnshire




BBC News : 10th July

Reading Borough Council could cut 50 jobs

libraries could be closed




The Courier : 10th July

Fife Council leader accuses SNP of ‘moving the goalposts’ in talks on library closure plans





Summer Reading Challenge aims for world record




Devon County Council : 9th July

Chair appointed to lead exciting future for Devon’s libraries


Dent > ‘Stalinist agenda’ row (The Guardian, 2003)




Wales Online : 9th July

Cardiff | Roath library will not be sold off — but only if community group take it over and keep it as a library http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/roath-library-not-sold–9626305

Pirate FM : 9th July

Cornwall’s Libraries Face Being Hived Off




Brixton Buzz : 9th July

Lambeth Council delays announcing outcome of Cultural Consultation until September




Save Lincs Libraries | Facebook

Lincolnshire residents urged by campaigner to visit their local libraries to find out what is going on

scroll down for details and comments




Leek Post & Times : 9th July

Staffordshire | Leek residents being urged to help shape delivery of new vision for County’s Archives Service



Tamworth Herald : 9th July

Staffordshire | Jobs under threat at Tamworth Library in shake-up






E-lending won’t put a big dent in book sales

Lending them to the 51% of the population with library cards will likely have a negligible effect on book sales, just as 165 years of public libraries haven’t put bookshops out of business.




York Press : 6th July

Tomorrow is a vital day for North Yorkshire libraries




Gloucester Citizen : 6th July

Book-swap buses swing into action in Gloucester with new Stagecoach reading initiative




Cambridge News : 5th July

Services for drug addicts and alcoholics could be delivered at Cambridgeshire libraries


Students’ work at Ysgol Llewellyn, Rhyl

Here are some stories on the theme of Westerns by upper juniors at Ysgol Llewellyn, Rhyl.
There is also one ghost story.


The door of my office burst open and Miss Ellie sprinted in, her dress flicking out behind her. “Sheriff, I’ve just seen them, they’re back, it’s The Death Gang! They’re out in the dessert on their horses just a couple of minutes from here!”

I quickly picked up my star badge, wacked it on my shirt, and zoomed out to the street. Everybody thinks I’m fearless but I am actually terrified.

As I ran into the middle of the street I saw them for the first time ever, but fortunately for me they had their backs turned so they didn’t see me so I quickly hid behind my office.

Then I heard the leader of the gang, Martin Death, shout “Come out, come out, wherever you are SHERIFF!” I didn’t know what I should do now so I stood back out in the street like I had no nerves whatsoever and said clearly “I’m right here Death.” Then suddenly he shot 2 bullets at me!

Luckily they missed me and hit the cactus right next to me, and the top of it nearly collapsed on me but I quickly moved out the
way. Then Death said “oops, sorry, that wasn’t meant for you.” In a sarcastic tone. Now I was really annoyed and angry with The Death Gang!

High Noon.

I heard the clock tower strike 12. I quickly ran for cover because I knew if I stayed out there I was gonna die because Death was now just shooting wildly, everywhere, non-stop! Windows were smashing all around me! I quickly hid behind the town’s café so that they couldn’t shoot me. I poked my head around the corner and shot at Death but that was a bad decision because I missed and now he knew where I was. I shot about 10 more bullets at Death but it didn’t help at all.

My heart was thumping madly while he was sprinting towards me. So I saw the window to the café was open so I boosted myself up on the windowsill and climbed through the window. Then all I heard was silence, so I tiptoed to behind the bar. No one was in the café so at least something was going my way!
Behind the bar there was a door with a sign
on top of it so I went through to find another street and Death with a revolver full of bullets.
I went to shoot at Death but my revolver was just shooting air, there were no bullets in my gun!!!!!

High noon by Evie
High noon

There was a loud knock at the rusty old door. Miss Ellie burst in, skirts flying. “Sheriff” “It’s the black gun gang of terror” She cried dabbing her eyes with her tissue. “They’re on the scariest train ever”. Sheriff Annie Oakley glared at the clock. She picked up the sheriff badge, the she shimmering Silver Star. She put on his ten gallon Stetson hat as she sighed. Then her heart started to pound. Oakley tip toad to the door and peered outside. Her fingers ran over her colt 45 revolver. Five to noon. There they were, strung out across the street the black gun gang of terror. “You’re going to get hurt” Oakley. “Were going to gun you down like a dog” that’s when they appeared, 6 hard men Page 2 of 2on the horse back. The black gun gang of terror. The bullets fizzed around and smashed windows. Everyone was running for their lives, everybody was scared Dust flew everywhere it was really bad. Annie shot first people dived for cover. High noon. The sheriff won, she killed everyone and there was blood everywhere and shots shot in the air. Loud bangs and mist everywhere. She could feel all mist in the air. Oakley could see dead people on the floor the bullets shattered as it blazed away. Her palms were hot. It’s her favourite blue bullet she saved. And they all lived happily ever after.

High Noon
The door creaked open Big John walked in with a crash. “Sheriff it’s the Black Hand gang”. He shouted “they are on the afternoon train”. Sheriff Fred Blane stared at the clock. He picked up the sheriff’s badge, the sparkling one and put on his sheriff s hat and was frightened. Blane tip toed to the door and looked outside. His fingers touched his colt 45.
Five to noon, there they were strung out across the street. The Black Hand gang shouted “We’re going to kill you Blane”. Blane fired the first shot it took the gang by surprise. One of the gang got shot and fell in a water bucket with a splash!
The gang shot back at Blane and he hid behind the blacksmiths. Blane got shot in the arm, then he shot back at the gang and then the barn got set on fire. The sheriff let the horses go and escaped with them.
The horses thundered down the street and Blane jumped of the horse. He fell to the ground with a thump. Bullets flying one by one the sheriff took the other two gang members out.
by Ciaran

There is a house, on the edge of Fishguard, across the road, hiding behind a really tall bush. For the last 90 years the house has waited for a new owner, people say it’s HAUNTED!!!! This is the …………… Raven house.
Catrin was waiting for me at the bus stop at about 4:00PM and it was a very dark, indigo sky that evening. The sun was a shining, blazing spark. The pier silhouetted and shot out of the sea. The east wind whistled a shriek in the air. Now it was scary. “Shall we go to the house” Catrin asked me. I said “yes”!
We took steps closer until we saw the spooky, abandoned house. It had smashed windows and moss crawling down the door.
Suddenly, we found a smashed window we both could jump through and got in! There was a creaky, stiff door right in front of us so we opened it up and found cobwebs in each corner and saw creepy skeletons hanging from the ceiling.
Finally, we reached a little girls bedroom door. We found a melted candle on a vintage bedside table. And that`s when we heard it.
It was a sob. Not just any sob, but a really spooky sob.
Suddenly, a shadow fell onto the ground. She was there, crying her heart out, and literally. She was SCARY. Slowly she began to talk………….

To be continued

The haunting

There is a house, on the edge of Anglesey. Opposite to the car shop in the tree It has stood there for 12 long years, lonely and neglected.
Some people say it is haunted. People Say it is the dead house.
This is the red dead house.
Josh and I set off at 5:30pm there was a sapphire sky that evening the sun was a blazing red glow. The pier dark and black with lots of shadows the mountain looked very scary on sunset. The wind was blowing the leaves the leaves on the trees a root got out of the ground. But out of nowhere a creepy abandoned house came out of the shadows when we got next to it there was a big hole in the wall. When we got in there was a BIG spider. It went us but we just got away but I slipped because of the water on the roof.
We got to the library. But when we were in there the books started to fall and the fire started and the music was playing and there was no way out. And at that moment Josh and I heard a scream. Suddenly I saw a flashing baby white and black. When it came out the lights turned off! Me and Josh were trying to get out. The ghost grabbed me by the neck and Josh got injured……………

To be continued…….

By Ryan Wood

High Noon
There was a bang at the door. Miss Ellen burst in, her hair was waving around. “The Black Hand Gang are coming to town” she cried. “There coming back from the hot desert” Annie Oakley stared at the clock. She picked up her sheriff’s badge and felt brave again. Her heart pounded bravely. Oakley tiptoed to the door and peered outside. She touched the colt 45 revolver with her hands.
Five to noon
There they were, riding on their horses, strung out across the street, trying to find the sheriff, “come out where ever you are come out and fight” shouted the Black Hand Gang. A mysteries crow is watching. The Black Hand Gang smashed anything in their way. One of them shouted “I’m gonna put you down like a dog”. They all came down from their horses waiting for her to come. The sheriff shot the gun at the sky and all the horses ran away.
High noon
The gang started to hide so did the sheriff. The sheriff shot a person but missed, they shot at each other for half an hour, two members of the gang died so it is one to one, the leader of the gang got the sheriff’s husband called John Oakley “give him back now! “Only if you come out of that door” he replied “I will” shouted the sheriff. While they thought there was a fierce sand storm, there was sand blowing everywhere from the moment that they were fighting. There were crows flying and the sheriff was shivering. The sheriff took that last bullet and then …….DEAD the leader died and her husband was very happy as well as the sheriff Annie Oakley.
Pown Hughes

A question for Michael Fallon

How exactly, Mr Fallon, do air strikes from 30,000 feet on the participants of a chaotically complex and multi-layered civil war ‘fortify’ the UK against ISIS attacks? Could they stop ISIS affiliates in Tunisia opening fire on beaches when the bombs would be falling 1,500 miles away? Do ISIS have conventional troops, a navy and aircraft to invade the United Kingdom by land, air and sea? How exactly would a number of bombing raids of uncertain efficiency protect a single UK citizen? Could such conventional military action stop a UK citizen ‘sleeper cell’ carrying out an outrage in London, Manchester, Birmingham or Leeds? How, Mr Fallon, how does a long-distance item of ordnance ‘fortify’ this country?