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Simon Cowell gets star advice on plan to write children’s book



West Leeds Dispatch : 25th May

A postcard from Alan Bennett to Armley Library



Brixton Blog : 25th May

Lambeth Council leader Peck hits back at library claims



Shropshire Star : 25th May

Shropshire library hours to be slashed

… one councillor warning the service is facing “dangerous territory”



Gazette Series : 25th May

Campaigners hand in petitions and letters as South Gloucestershire Council looks to save £650,000 from library budget




Lancashire Telegraph : 25th May

‘This is a ridiculous stunt’ – disabled Burnley fan and protester chains himself to railings



Yorkshire Post : 24th May

Sheffield | Letter: City should spend money on libraries




Tom Joad is Rogue Marker

I’ll be all around in the classroom –
I’ll be everywhere.
Wherever you can look –
wherever there’s a Baseline Test,
if they can make the results match,
I’ll be there.
I’ll be in your SPAG bollox
And your phonics screening.
Wherever there’s a school levellin’ a kid,
I’ll be there.
I’ll be in the way newspapers uncover government bullshit.
I’ll be in the way kids laugh
when the tests are over
and they know real learning begins,
and when the people are trapping their fronted adverbials in the door
and when they can’t determine what their determiners are.
I’ll be in your modal verbs
And your coordinating and subordinating conjunctions
And when this nonsense gives way
To an education that respects every child’s abilities
And guides them with love through life-enhancing experiences – I’ll be there, too.

Scottish libraries at risk

Culture NL, the Trust which took over North Lanarkshire Council’s library service a couple of years ago) has served a ninety day notice that they are closing four of their smaller libraries: Craigneuk, Newarthill, Old Monkland and Petersburn. Craigneuk has been threatened with closure in the past, but local residents put pressure on the Council, getting the decision reversed. Sadly, the service has remained underused, according to Culture NL. There is a feeling locally that a residents’ campaign would be less likely to force a second change of mind.

Testing week

Testing Week

Pearson (noun): description of Nicky Morgan’s career. Often combined with the adjective woeful.

Leak (transitive or intransitive verb): to wreck Nicky Morgan’s career.

Draw a line through the prefix: Mistaken, incompetent, untenable, Pearson performance. DfE supervision.

Laugh (transitive or intransitive): I laughed my socks off at Pearson’s incompetence. I laughed as I imagined Nicky Morgan’s face.

Circle the determiners: The Education Secretary strangled the CEO of Pearson then reached for a stiff gin.

Circle the determiners: A private company, Pearson, cocked up the SPAG test because it was incompetent.

Subordinate conjunction: Because Pearson is incompetent, Nicky Morgan looks dead in the water.

Coordinating conjunction: Nicky’s had four terrible cock-ups this month, but she carries on, the little soldier.

Fronted adverbial. With Pearson in charge, Nicky Morgan’s credibility goes belly up.

After as a preposition: After a brief spell as Education Secretary, Nicky sought other work more suited to her abilities.

After as an adverb: SATs and Spag tests died on May 10th and were buried the day after.

After as a conjunction: Pearson sought other work after it had been sacked as educational provider.

Round up


MP’s campaign against Lancashire library closures


You Tube | Lancashire Headline News : 9th May

Campaigners disappointed at plans to close 29 Lancashire libraries


Lancashire Telegraph : 9th May

County Council boss accused of ‘dirty tricks’ after building closure plans announced



Rossendale Free Press : 9th May

Lancashire | REVEALED: Three Valley libraries set for axe and two saved under cuts plans


Champion Media : 9th May

Libraries under threat in West Lancashire are named



Weston Mercury : 9th May

North Somerset | Petition launched to keep library open



This Is Local London : 9th May

Enfield libraries closed for refurbishment in preparation to share space with local groups



Bridlington Free Press : 9th May

Council to join Bridlington libraries

Bridlington is to be left with just one library if a range of cost-cutting measures across the East Riding of Yorkshire are approved.



Bootle cleaners: fighting for a living wage

DSC_0016I spent lunchtime today at a Living Wage protest, staged by the PCS union outside the Triad building in Bootle, where HMRC, the Inland Revenue, is situated. Cleaners for the ISS company, contracted by HMRC, are just the latest group to face cuts to their hours as their employer tries to pass on the cost of George Osborne’s fake ‘Living Wage.’
The cleaners are paid the minimum wage and are campaigning to be paid £8.25 an hour, hardly a fortune for a company that had a turnover of £1.1billion and huge profits. The cleaners want occupational sick pay and holiday entitlements in line with directly employed HMRC staff. Finally, they are demanding increased hours for staff who want them and recruitment of more staff to reduce workload.
HMRC handed the contract to a private company, Mapeley, in 2001. Mapeley set up another firm, Salisbury, to handle the contract, which in turn subcontracts the work to the global firm ISS Facility Services. The intention is clearly to blur the lines of responsibility. ISS says it is bound by its contract, while the others claim they cannot intervene as they are not the direct employer.
All this time after the introduction of the minimum wage by the last Labour government, workers are still fighting for dignity and decent pay and conditions.