Nicky, where’s your principles?

Nicola Sturgeon has been photographed holding up a copy of the S*n just days after the Hillsborough verdict. This shameful behaviour is celebrated in this song:

I’ve just come up
From the Land of Scouse
I’m very bad and I’m spitting blood
And the lassies shout when I go by
Nicky, where’s your principles?

Let the wind blow high
Let the wind blow low
Through the streets
In my kilt, I’ll go
All the lassies say hello
Nicky, where’s your principles?

Inspirational Defend Education meeting in Lancaster

DSC_0013I have just arrived home after joining the Head at Morecambe Bay County Primary Siobhan Collingwood and Michael Gibson, a parent, addressing the 150 strong Defend Education meeting at Lancaster Town Hall. The meeting was one of the most inspirational meetings I have attended in the last few years. The mood was intense anger at our education service being handed over to academy chains. So incensed are the parents in the area that there is going to be a kids’ strike on May 3rd, combined with a picnic in the park. A student teacher described how many of the students on her course had decided not to join the profession because it was no more than a test and track regime. A Year 6 student described how much her class hated testing, testing, testing and wanted a real education. One teacher simply said: “Happiest days of our lives. How many of our children will be able to say that?”

JFT 96


Truth at last.
Justice at last.
One thing motivated the families of the ninety-six Liverpool fans who perished on April 15th, 1989. It was love. That love endured against the lie machine erected by the Tory government, the police and the Sun newspaper.
From the moment of the disaster the police erected a false narrative around hooliganism and drunkenness. It was aided and abetted by the man who had the ear of Thatcher, Bernard Ingham and Kelvin McKenzie at the Sun. Their lies were echoed later by people like Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson.
But love endured. With the unwavering support of the people of Liverpool and others across the world, the families finally tore aside the film of lies. Jimmy McGovern’s marvellous TV play was instrumental in sustaining the campaign. The families now stand vindicated.
I witnessed their courage and steadfast determination at the Hillsborough commemorations. I was there when the deafening cries of Justice for the 96 led the then Culture Minister Andy Burnham to summon the independent Hillsborough Panel, leading ultimately to today’s decision. I was there for the final commemoration when Trevor Hicks and Margaret Aspinall summed up the families feelings as Liverpool waited for the final verdict.
The families never walked alone.

Cut the cut

George Osborne has just released his pre-budget notes as a remake of he Suzi Quatro classic. His entire economic policy is set out in detail here:
“Cut the cut, cut the cut,
If you can, well, cut the cut,
Ooh, cut the cut- cut the cut, honey….”