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Lancashire’s cash crisis – museums and libraries close

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Library closures not the end of the story, vow protesters

Six shut their doors for the last time tonight.  “Save Our Libraries” campaigners are pinning their hopes on government intervention.




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Councillors block government policy




An invitation to save our libraries



Assemble 12 noon British Library

Between Euston, St Pancras and Kings Cross stations


Public Libraries, Museums and Galleries are the lynchpin of local communities. They offer access to learning, reading, history, art, information, creativity and enjoyment. They are and should be trusted public spaces for everyone.

But in the UK since 2010 we have lost:

  • 8000 paid and trained library workers
  • 343 libraries (plus hundreds more handed to volunteers)
  • 1 in 5 regional museums at least partly closed

We have also seen:

  • Libraries and Museums opening hours cut
  • Budgests, education programmes and mobile/housebound/specialist services slashed
  • An escalation in commercialisation and privatisation
  • An 93% increase in the use of volunteers in libraries.
  • Income generation becoming the priority for almost 80% of Museums and Galleries.


This is a crisis that users, staff, campaigners and unions need to unite and fight before it is too late. There have been many huge local campaigns, but this is a national issue and that is why campaigners from all over the country have got together to call a national demonstration to demand that the government acts now before it is too late.

The demonstration is backed by national unions Unison, Unite and PCS, by Jeremy Corbyn leader of the Labour Party and the Green Party as well as writers and campaigners. More than 300 including some of the UK’s top writers, such as Malorie Blackman, Jackie Kay , Michael Holroyd and Alan Gibbons, have written to Karen Bradley the Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport calling for her to intervene in this crisis.

Please can you consider the following support:

  • Getting your organisation to agree to support and attend the demonstration
  • Organising transport if outside London
  • Organising publicity in your area – Order publicity material or download here
  • Write or video a message of support

Let us know your backing by emailing


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Reviews of The Trap

Gratifying comments on The Trap by three author friends:


“Finished reading The Trap by Alan Gibbons – and it is awesome. A wonderfully fast paced, thrilling insight into one of today’s most pressing issues, The Trap is as good as it gets in British teen fiction. I’m a bg fan of Alan’s work, and this is one of his very best. Authentic and unflinching, it is a novel you have to read. An excellent new work from a great writer.”
Bali Rai


“Alan Gibbons has written a compelling novel of courage and conscience amidst the terrors of our time.”
Beverley Naidoo




“This novel will take you to the edge of your comfort zone and beyond – a compelling, powerful read.”
Cathy Cassidy

Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital

My poem for the Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital march on September 25th.

Assemble, twelve noon, Liverpool Women’s Hospital.
This is a healing place, a place of peace and birth,
Where the wounds of riot, flame, baton and shield
Closed on a rolling grassy mound
And the hopes of Liverpool rose again.

For all our sisters, mothers, babies, daughters,
We march for the Women’s Hospital today.

Here, they built a place to end precarious childbirth,
When the most beautiful, precious moment of life
Could become a time of loss, motherless children,
Widowed husbands, families torn and broken.

For all our sisters, mothers, babies, daughters,
We march for the Women’s Hospital today.

Where women are poor and ignored,
Where women are hurt and bruised,
Where their men have broken and betrayed,
They need a hospital of their own, a place secure.

For all our sisters, mothers, babies, daughters,
We march for the Women’s Hospital today.

Because women fought for care because of need,
Because in 1948, a universal service became a deed,
Because privateers sit expectant, vultures on a tree,
People gather today for a service meant to be free.

For all our sisters, mothers, babies, daughters,
We march for the Women’s Hospital today.

Because a woman’s body is her own,
Because in this hammock there is a baby grown,
Because motherhood is about control and choice,
This is why women must be heard, given voice.

For all our sisters, mothers, babies, daughters,
We march for the Women’s Hospital today.

So wheel your buggies, take your children’s hands,
Raise your banners high, let them flutter,
Let the drums beat, our protests rise in the Mersey air,
Let the divine gospel of discontent stand for human care.

For all our sisters, mothers, babies, daughters,
We march for the Women’s Hospital today.